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The last great frontier in luxury world travel.

Travelling to the spectacular high latitudes of the Arctic has for centuries remained beyond the bounds of our imagination and exploration.

Beyond the horizon, vast landscapes, unique peoples, majestic wildlife and thriving ecosystems coexist amongst the silence and beauty of a world where adaptation is the secret to survival.

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime polar journey by luxury private jet.

We travel to seven wonders of the Arctic, to discover unique creatures, indigenous cultures, and the most spectacular landscapes on earth.

Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Svalbard, Norway, Iceland
50 seats
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We invoke the pioneering spirit of the early explorers and adventurers who discovered these Arctic worlds centuries ago, gaining critical insights into the indigenous cultures, biodiversity and balance of the world's climate, here at the margins of the world.

Whether immersed in contemporary elegance or connecting with traditional roots, you'll find the perfect breathing space while experiencing some of the most astonishing luxury accommodations in the northern hemisphere.

Travel by Private Jet

Today, you will travel in unparalleled comfort and safety by custom luxury private jet.

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Schedule a call with our team to discover more and let us answer any questions you may have.

Arctic Senses

Spirits rise as our eyes follow the flight of Arctic birdlife in the northernmost town of Svalbard. The rising, plaintive call of the Arctic Skua, the echoing bark of the Greylag Goose and the gentle, lilting song of the pretty Snow Bunting fill the air all around us.

Submerge yourself in the Retreat Lagoon's healing waters and float in timeless calm and privacy. Enliven your skin with salt and mineral scrubs and harness the natural energy of turquoise geothermal lagoons; the definitive Icelandic experience.

We find solace and connection on the marine foreshore, alive and rich with its forest of seaweed, algae and tiny crustaceans. The unspoilt drifting shores of the Pacific north-west are truly sublime, where every rock and stone is teeming with precious life.

Breath deeply of the clarity of the deep green pine forests of Karasjok, Norway. The inimitable herbal, citrus scent of the Norway Spruce dominates the area and is created by the interplay of pinene molecules with the surrounding soil and pristine air. Let it fill your senses and your lungs, and restore your inner sense of balance.

While is Alta, Norway, we savor the delicate snow-white meat of the red king crab; the monarch of the nutrient-rich Barents Sea. Carefully caught with local fishing boats and traditionally prepared with lemon, mayonnaise and fresh-baked bread, the flavor is subtle, rich and sweet.

In Katmai Falls, we see mighty grizzly bears hunt vivid red salmon as they leap upstream; the only place in the world where we can witness this moment in nature as the bears track the flick of tails beneath the surface. These muscular fish have swum for weeks against the Alaskan current, and now we watch them face their biggest challenge.

In western Greenland, Ilulissat is an area steeped in folklore. The ancient tradition of Inuit throat singing is performed live here; a rhythmic, urgent and mesmerizing art form which brings the Arctic ice, wind and snow to life. This vocal tradition is both dynamic and relaxing; close your eyes and let the otherworldly sounds transport you beyond time and place.

Sonora, Canada. Into the plentiful waters of the Discovery Islands, we cast out our lines in the hope of catching the wild salmon who thrive within. A breathless shiver and tug at the end of the line brings us closer to the thrilling power of the natural world here.

An aged leather armchair in Reykjavik, Iceland. The peaty depth and gentle heat of a fine whiskey lingers on the tongue as we reflect on our wild and captivating journey across the Arctic. Whether you join as a solo traveler, a couple, or with your best friend, we will toast on the bonds made as we cherish the memories created. Cheers to our next journey, together.

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